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Northwind – digital and software agency

We are a full service digital agency with a difference – we understand that digital content and digital marketing are only part of your business, so we can support and streamline all your back end processes, too. We excel in eCommerce, web design, app development, software development and digital marketing and speak plain English and talk common sense.

We combine our extensive knowledge of web technologies and marketing to create unique experiences for our clients and their customers. From eCommerce to online events we combine our technical expertise and knowledge of the web to help you achieve more online. Our solutions are used by a variety of companies from award winning multi-nationals to brand new start ups.

What can we do for you?

  • Improve the profitability of your business by reviewing your digital offerings – from your website to your order process to your overall customer experience and operational effectiveness
  • Drive visitors to your website by creating an innovative digital marketing strategy tailored to your business, and give you the tools and skills to implement this (or implement it for you)
  • Raise the number of visitors who convert to sales by improving your visitor experience
  • Show you how to add value to your website, making it more attractive to visitors
  • Enable you to set up a blog and newsletter programme to enable you to deliver targeted content to your customers, adding value to your customers and driving sales
  • Create a show-stopping website or eCommerce site for your business – our biggest store currently handles 4500 products in each of 10 languages and delivers globally.
  • Enable you to produce instant, on-demand catalogues or brochures in physical or digital format tailored specifically to your client’s interests and requirements
  • Stream your live events to maximise your audience
  • Create innovative video content for your website to further engage visitors to your site
  • Create a stunning mobile site or app for your business to ensure you maximise the market for smartphone users, or optimise your exisiting site for mobile users
  • Enable you to properly extract and analyse information about your website so that you can see what works and what doesn’t and react to this
  • Develop software or apps that specifically answer your business needs, streamlining your processes, increasing your ability to analyse your business and reducing your costs
  • Tie your existing software into your website to give you a smooth, end to end production to fulfilment to distribution process


  • Lanaca site - Blog added

    14 February 2014

    We've recently made some changes to the Lanaca website, to include a blog.

    We designed and built the site last year, we built all the elements, including the video:

    Full story

    Posted by: Author: Daniel james

  • School Video site launched

    09 November 2013

    We're pleased to announce the launch of School Video Productions. We're excited to launch what we feel is a unique service for Schools. Jan and I have many years of experience in video, drama, lighting, and sound production.

    The website is a great fresh design, pulled together by the team here at Northwind.

    Full story

    Posted by: Author: Daniel james

  • A Pragmatic Approach to EU Cookie Law

    30 June 2013

    Photo of Daniel James

    I have been advising various clients about the  impending "Cookie Law" that is coming into force on the 26th May. What has become clear is that there is no "one size fits all" method that can cover this policy.

    Cookie usage for the many sites we manage seems to fall into two categories: Analytics and Site Functionality. The law seemed to be fairly clear cut, i.e. you must ask users to opt into your cookies, unless they are needed for the running of eCommerce or similar functionality. However having read this interview on eConsultancy, it appears that the enforcement of this ruling will be dealt with on an exception basis.

    Noteably social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google are all excluded from the ruling.

    It is also worth noting that analytics data is key to the running of many sites, it helps site owners shape the content, monitor performance and improve the user experience. Analytics data doesn't hold the means to link back to the visitor, no personal data is held. And Dave Jones mentions in the eConsultancy interview that: "Just because analytics cookies are caught by this law doesn’t mean a strict opt-in is necessary. It could, in some cases, be seen as an essential part of the relationship."

    Our advice is as follows:

    1, Do a cookie audit, check what cookies your site uses, and what data they hold. Document all cookies used on your site, and identify any that may fall inside the ICOs guidelines.

    2, Add a Cookie Policy to your site, this should be seperate to your privacy policy, and written in clear easy to understand english!

    Full story

    Posted by: Author: Daniel james

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